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Portable and easy to use.
4 adjustable adapters to fit all 0.22-0.50 caliber handguns and rifles.
It can allow you to instantly and accurately set your sight or scope.
It comes with 4 bore adapters, one screwdriver, a hex key.
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Battery: 3 * LR44 Batteries (included)
Item Size(L * W): 15.5 * 1.8cm
Package List:
1 * Laser Bore Sighter
4 * Adjustable Adapters
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Hex Key

Make full use of your lazer boresighter!

Get your rifle on target:

Calibrate your Lazer boresighter to your rifle zero!

Align to clear your Chronograph!

Check your Scope to Barrel Alignment.

Check your scope tracking!



1)Get your rifle on target:

Insert your laser Boresighter into the rifle barrel using the correct calibre insert (lube slightly with gun oil)

Picture 2) Switch it on and aim on a target 25m away.

Picture 3) Adjust scope crosshair to the laser aimpoint.

Your rifle should be close to the aiming-point at 100m.

Shoot a 3-5 shot group.

Pic 3) With scope crosshair on aiming-point keeping the rifle in that position,

Pic 4) Adjust crosshair elevation up to centre of group.

Pic 5)Adjust crosshair deflection left to centre of group.

Your rifle is now zero’d at 100m

2)Calibrate your Lazer boresighter to your rifle zero!

Remove the bolt action, make rifle safe!

Insert your Lazer Boresighter into the barrel of your rifle.

Take aim at any object or target within 25m (preferably 10 steps)

Most likely your lazer dot and crosshair will not correspond this is normal.Pic 1

Now adjust the cap screws on the Lazer boresighter to align with the crosshair of your scope. Pic 2

Congratulations! Your Lazer Boresighter is now calibrated with your rifle at (10 Steps)

Whenever you are in doubt or need to get back to “ZERO”

Insert your Lazer Boresighter into your rifle barrel. Take 10 steps form any object and check if your scope is on “Zero”.

Now let the fun begin.

3)Align to clear your Chrony!

Step 1) Make yourself a correx board target for your chrony.



Step 2) “Make your weapon Safe” Remove the bolt!

Step 3) Take aim at your target. Stabilize your rifle to maintain aim on the target.(Actual Target)

Step 4) Insert your lazer boresighter.

Step 5) Now adjust your Chrony target to the Lazer Boresighter.



Your Chronograph is now aligned with your rifle and target.

Using this method clearing the lens by 4 inches each shot ensures consistent readings, thus more accurate load development practices.

Ensure that you maintain the same shooting position all the time.

Readjust from time to time.

Consistent Chrony setup ensures consistent accurate readings!


4)Check your Scope to Barrel Alignment.

Step 1) Turn the windage /deflection all the way in or out.

Step 2) Turn it all the way back counting the clicks.

Step 3) Turn it 50% back, half the clicks. Your Scope reticule should be 100% centre.

Step 4) Insert your calibrated Lazer Boresighter and check alignment.

Step 5) Adjust scope mounts to align scope with your calibrated Lazer Boresighter.

Your scope is now 100% in line with your Barrel!

5)Check your scope tracking!

Step 1) Insert your Lazer Boresighter into your rifle barrel.

Step 2) Put the lazer point on the aimpoint of your target at 100m.

Step 3) Make up and sideway adjustments equal to one inch.

Step 4) Check if scope tracks accurate in relation to your target!




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