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Versitile, compact easy to use convenient rifle barrel cleaning rope with brush

Available  calibers: (.17Cal/ 4.5mm), (.22Cal/ .223, 5.65mm), (.243Cal/ 6mm), (.25Cal/ .264, 6.5mm), (.270Cal/ .280, .281, 7mm), (30Cal/ .303, .308, .30-06, .300, 7.62mm), (.357Cal/ .338, .375, .38, 9mm)

The boresnake consist of :


1. BORE BRUSH : embedded in the cord loosens hard deposits.


2. FIRST FLOSS AREA : removes foreign particles prior to the scrubbing action of the brush.


3. MAIN FLOSS AREA : with 160 times more surface area than a patch, cleans like no other product.


4. BRASS WEIGHT : slips easily through barrel. Grasp and pull cleaning cord through bore.


Caliber or gauge is stamped into the brass weight.


-Brushes an swabs bore in one quick pass


-Built-in bore brushes


-Multiple short brushes embedded in the floss pass easily through


the shortest action or port


-Initial floss area (inside the barrel) removes loose grit and


debris prior to the scrubbing action of the brush


-Main floss, with 160 times more floss than a patch, super cleans the bore


-Brass weighted drop-through cord slips easily down barrel; No assembly required


-Grasp and pull the cleaning cord through the barrel.


-One pull through does it all.


-Lightweight and compact


-No exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown


Solvent compatible




How to use it?  


Drop brass weighted cord through the bore.


Pull slowly,being careful not to snag on edges or gun parts.


Repeat as needed until gun bore is clean.


The Bore Snake can be washed easily by Hands.


Band seurely or use a was bag for machine cleaning.Air dry.
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